Sunday 6 September 2015

Henry Flint - Red Dredd Redemption!

Wow! Henry Flint brings Enceladus to a barnstorming climax with this frankly amazing cover! Dredd storms out of the frozen wastes of Hell like a Horseman of the Apocalypse! This series has had some incredible covers, watch out for a Titan covers special soon!
Over to Henry to tell us about the making of the cover. Somewhat bitterly, he says "I drew a horse for my Art A Level back at school and bodged it up getting only a C. I'd never drawn a horse before so my own fault for being a smart arse. A case of self belief over actual skill. This cover is revenge!" Henry Flint getting a C for A Level art, are you kidding me!?!
Henry continues "I've included a badly drawn cover sketch for Tharg which I reversed as it's better for a cover to have movement going left to right so readers are directed towards unfolding the pages."
The cover for the rejected Dredd/My Little Pony Crossover comic...
Below are Henry's stunning inks. To get that splatter, he dipped a real horse's tail in ink and chased it around his studio. Either that, or he used a toothbrush, he didn't say...
 A strange choice for the new face of TSB...
Next Henry paints the picture then wipes his arse all over the canvas. The white bits? You really don't want to know...
 Megacity austerity measures are getting ridiculous!
And here's how the cover looks in your local Thrill Merchant shop!
Brucey's memorable entry to Generation Game on a horse "Ice to see ya... to see ya..."
Huge thanks to Henry for sending those amazing images, another damn contender for cover of the year! These artdroids don't like making it easy do they!?!


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