Tuesday 28 July 2015

Alex Ronald - Ghost and the Machine!


A cool post today as I bring you a double whammy ("Double whammy!") from fan favourite 3D artist supremo, Alex Ronald. Firstly, we have the making of his excellent Storm Warning cover of Meg 362 which sees Brit Cit Psi-Judge Lillian Storm surrounded by her omnipresent supernatural spectres!

Alex said "The brief for Storm Warning was to have the judge surrounded by ghosts and some Psi effects. It might be a bit obvious but I thought  the night vision colours and lighting from TV shows like 'Most Haunted' would be good to try. I also checked back on the covers of previous issues to see if anything like it had been done before but luckily  it had not."

"The colour rough was sent to Tharg along with some of the film references and lighting effects I was hoping to aim for..."

"Aye, he's a pain in the arse, but he gives a lovely head massage!"

Below we see Alex's model of the iconic Brit-Cit Lion shoulder pad...

"An eagle? How cute!"

Alex tells the story of the spooks on the cover "The idea I had was to have the ghosts very subtly step out from behind her, as if seconds before they hadn't even been visible. The problem I had was I didn't want to do a very tall one directly behind her in case it just looked like it was standing on a box which is not the most ghost-like trait! The solution came from my missus who suggested a ghost from the film 'Shutter' which hangs from a character's back like a constant burden. The finishing touches were the spirit lights which add a bit of movement to the image."

And here's that finished image, yikes!

Who ya gonna call?

Next we have Alex's fantastic Lawmaster cover of Meg 356, this was a real favourite of mine and I've been pestering Mr Ronald for it for ages - sorry Alex!

Dredd realised he'd left the iron on...

Alex said "The brief was for a cover of Dredd shooting or Dredd riding his Lawmaster. I wrongly assumed that this cover was for the prog and since Greg Staples' Viper Strike' cover had just been released I opted for the Lawmaster..."

Below is a reminder of the esteemed Mr Staples Viper Strike cover of Prog 1908...

 Old grumpy bollocks...

 Alex continues "However, it turned out to be a Megazine cover and came just two months after Boo Cook's lovely movie Dredd bike cover!" Here's Boo's 'Spit Roast' cover. I sure Alex needn't worry, I don't think any of us will ever tire of seeing Dredd on his Lawmaster!

Hey Dredd, aren't you supposed to be going towards the explosions and stuff?

"Different styles but similar images, I hold my hand up, my fuck up! On the plus side I had always wanted to do a Willsher bike shot and this was my chance..."
Below we see Alex's reference pictures and his cover 'sketch', wow!

Some classic Willsher bike porn there...

"Again it was quickly made in 3D using a mix up of custom models and rejigging of pre-existing parts. The lighting and painting all done within Photoshop." Bah, he makes it sound so easy...
 I want this toy!!!
Here's the final image, simply glorious!
 Nobody ever got anywhere faster by going quicker.
Massive, massive thanks to Alex for sending the images. I really love his work and am delighted to hear he's working with Planet Replicas on a Mekon statue, how cool is that gonna be!?!

Be sure to check out his awesome blog here for many more stunning images!

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