Tuesday 12 May 2015

Simon Davis - Roman Vandal!

Prog 1930 sees Slaine MacRoth facing off against a Trojan army, but he didn't think it too many! This beautiful painted piece is brought to us by master painter, Simon Davis, who once again hasn't wasted a stroke. A really confident and masterful painting from the very best in the business.

Below we see Simon's sketches, it looks like the artist had a pretty good idea what he wanted from the off...

 Ouch! Never run with scissors or git big swords!

Slaine on the right - put that away! Dirty boy...

Gone fishin'

And once again, that wonderful finished piece...

"Mine's bigger than yours..."
And here's how the prog looks on your Thrill merchant's shelf...
You should see the  size of the marshmallow Slaine is cooking! 
Sadly, Prog 1930 sees the departure of friend of the blog Pye Parr. Pye-01 has been a constant supporter of the blog from it's very inception and has been extremely generous with his time and talent. His design work on 2000AD has been nothing short of stunning and I wish him the very, very best of luck in the next stage of his career as a freelance artist/designer and male prostitute.
Thanks for everything Pye!  
And thanks to the brilliant Simon Davis for sending the images, may his brushes never dry up!

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  1. This is quite an impressive cover.
    By the way, judging by the last post (no pun intended) there are lots of Judge Dredd and Bolland fans here, so I thought I might share the link to my latest Judge Dredd review: