Saturday 14 February 2015

Going Hachette Crazy!

As I'm sure all readers will know, Hachette Partworks are bringing out the Judge Dredd Mega Collection. These beautifully produced books collect pertinent Dredd stories thematically, giving new readers some essential insight into the issues that have impacted on Megacity-One over the years, and a handy collection for those more established readers.

It would be remiss of me not to include the fantastic covers that accompany the series, so above we have Colin MacNeil's menacing Dredd from the 'America' collection. This fine, fine collection serves as an excellent introduction to Dredd's world, featuring classics such as America, America 2: Fading of the Light, Cadet, Judgement Call, Blood and Duty, Firepower and Snowstorm.

The second volume features one of my favourite Dreddworld designs of all time, the fearsome Mechanismo Mk1 robot. This collection includes Mechanismo, Mechanismo Returns, Body Count, S.A.M and Safe Hands.

The third issue collects fan favourite Epics, Blockmania and the Apocalypse War, so naturally the cover features Dredd with a stub gun courtesy of Mr Carlos Ezquerra!

I can't recommend this series highly enough, go straight to and subscribe right now!

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  1. Pete, Sad news today, can we have a Brett Ewins Dredd, or even better some Rogue Trooper, Johnny Nemo...