Saturday 31 January 2015

Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown - The Wurminators!

Yuck! Grossest cover of the year to date? Anna and the crusty old knights of the Order finally take on the Worm Men who threaten to end time itself! 

Who better to depict sword and sorcery than celebrated artist Glenn Fabry? Below are Glenn's deft inks which are just beautiful (well, as beautiful as a maggot-ridden worm man can be!)

Maggot Killer 

Then it's over to colourist Adam Brown to add some magic!

Looks like Wormy had Spaghetti for lunch... 

And here's how the cover looks at your local thrill merchant - wiggly!

Dr Bob's worming tablets would sort them right out

The dynamic duo have given us some truly zarjaz covers over the last year. I absolutely loved this Saint of Killers-esque painting for Ichabod Azrael...

 Dang tootin'

"Just how fast can you preach?"

Black Seuk also got the Fabry and Brown treatment in this disgusting cover of Prog 1896...

Seuks to be them... 

Slicey Dicey Oncey Twicey! 

The pair also gave us this amazing Megazine cover for the Scottish referendum. Adam's colour REALLY pop on this one...

Dredd's hand had to be strategically put there as the guy in the picture is Auld Willy McLongcock... 

I hope that's rainwater...

Glenn also works with talented colourist Ryan Brown and the pair gave us this bone crunching cover of Meg 348 - ouch!

99 Code Dredd

"It's just a flesh wound!"

HUGE thanks to Glenn for the images, he was teasing a fully painted Dredd cover on his Facebook page which I'm sure will be absolutely stunning!

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