Monday 22 December 2014

Nick Percival - 2000RIP

On the third day of Christmas, Nick Percival gave to me, a page full of zarjaz Zombeees! Yes, I proudly present a high res, unlettered scan of Nick's creepy Star Scan from the Winter special.

"This was really just a bit of fun. Doing a riff on the Marvel Zombies but with 2000AD characters was Tharg’s idea and I had pretty much free reign to do what I wanted with it. I didn’t want to take it too seriously, so it’s all a bit silly but it was a good laugh to do and I‘m a big horror fan, so I can‘t complain when these kind of art assignments come my way. I actually do have a pitch for a one-off 2000AD Zombies ‘alternate universe’ type tale that I must write up sometime - that would be a blast to do."

What do you mean it's not festive? Jesus rose from the dead, didn't he?

As it is Christmas Eve tomorrow, who else but Santa will come, courtesy of Colin MacNeil!

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