Sunday 6 July 2014

Chris Weston Special 2 - Lawrod!

Welcome to part 2 of this three part Chris Weston special and this time we're going to get a bit saucy with Chris' cheeky XXX Files cover. The book weighs in at 224 pages and contains a host of racy Dredd tales from the likes of John Wagner, Alan Grant, Simon Bisley, Ian Gibson, Greg Staples and many more. Released on 10th July, the content is so suggestive it would make Leon Brittan squirm!
The cover is a damn fantastic piece of design, so allow Chris to tell you how it came about in "Confessions of a Comic Artist!"
"When KR-1, Tharg's trusty droid (or should that be Freud? - Pete) in charge of graphic novel collections got in touch asking for a new cover to accompany a collection of Dredd's more fruity tales, I must confess I had a hard time (fnarr! - Pete) coming (quack! - Pete) up (phwoor, I'll stop now - Pete) with a good idea for a cover."
"Initially, I was going to do one of my typically cluttered, over detailed epic drawings, and I produced a rough with pointed in that direction..."  
Ladies fondling Dredd's helmet - yes I went there, I have no shame.

"I wasn't happy with these results. It was going to involve a lot of hours to produce what was actually quite a dull idea. By this point I had already spent way too long on the job, and for once I thought: "Do something different for a change! Make it simpler, bolder, more graphic-designery rather than illustrative. Take a break from the insane detail, just for once Chris!" I always talk to myself out loud as my poor studio mates have discovered to their horror."

"My main inspiration was the teaser poster for "The World Is Not Enough", a great design for a really poor Bond movie"

"Stop getting Bond wrong!" 

"My first rough echoed the movie poster quite closely."

 When that woman got smashed through the wall she left a perfect silhouette.

"But I fiddled about with it and decided it looked better with the background reversed out..."

Dredd makes a guest appearance in Tales of the Unexpected. 

"This met with KR-1's approval so I proceeded to produce a more finished drawing of Judge Dredd."

Dredd prepares to show the cadets how to put on a prophylactic... 
"Then coloured him up in his traditional hues."

Hmmm, I think Dredd is trying to compensate for something here...

"Then came the fun part, messing about with the composition until it looked like this..."

 Hmmm, nice body but I'm not so keen on the face...
"Finally, I thought it would be fun to have Dredd's big penis extension daystick come looming out towards the reader in an alarming and suggestive manner!"

 Dredd desperately tries to think of McGruder and Edgar...
Once again, big penis extension sized thanks to Chris for sending these brilliant images! I'm off to have a cold shower now, join me tomorrow for Chris' fantastic IDW Judge Anderson cover!

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