Sunday 9 March 2014

Dylan Teague - The Law Town Worm.

'Whisht! Lads, haad yer gobs, an ah'll tell yer all an awful story! Whisht! Lads, haas yer gobs, an ah'll tell yer boot the worm!'

Dylan Teague absolutely knocks it out of the park with this fantastic cover as Dredd faces off against the Conquerer Worm in the current Dredd thrill, Squirm! I'm a big fan of this story, while I was skeptical at first, thinking it was going to be a light hearted X-Factor/Megs Got Talent parody, it soon turned into a thrilling, tense little action horror with a plot that (quite literally) twisted and turned! Pure TB Grover this, if fact I thought of 'The Black Plague several times when reading it, the Dredd of the year so far for me...

I love Dylan's cover too, a proper, old school Dredd in peril image that'd make me pick up the prog for sure! Below we see Dylan's extremely tight sketch - maaaan, I'd have been happy with that on the cover!

Here's lookin' at you kid!

Followers of Dylan's work will know he's very skilled at using Google Sketchup so he lashed up this 'quick Sketchup model' to help with perspective - talented git! 

Dredd's best friend.

And here's the model positioned and exported to fit the cover...

A Mega-City One Viagra ad. 

 With the model and sketch married together, Dyan produces these fine pencils...

Dredd wishes he had a tube of Justice Dept approved breath mints...

Which lead to these spectacular inks!

Bite once, bleed many (that is the geekiest thing I've ever written) 

And here's Dylan's trademark colours, which as ever are brilliant. To see the work that Dylan puts in, just zoom in on a random square inch or so and prepare to be blown away!

In the Lair of the Pink Worm

And here's how the cover looks with the cover type, lovely!

'Say Aaaaaaaaaagh!'

Giant tapeworm sized thanks to Dylan for sending these fantastically disgusting images! Please spend LOTS of time checking out Dylan's blog. He's sketchbook is amazing and check out his commissions - I'm the proud owner of one and it was a steal!

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