Wednesday 12 February 2014

Clint Langley - Tubal Fix It!

Ah, the ABC Warriors game of Twister was never going to end well! Clint Langley sent these magnificent step by step images of his latest cover, at last giving us a peek into his illusive workflow!

Below we see his pencils as the cantankerous Happy Shrapnel/Tubal Caine/Colin MacNeil prepares to re-arm and repair the Warriors after a particularly fierce battle. If anyone is wondering where the name comes from, Tubal-Cain is mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible. A descendant of Cain, Tubal-Cain was thought to be a very early metalsmith, possibly a maker of weapons of war. As the Warrior's official armorer, he's rather aptly named.

The image below is called "Return_to_Mars_Cover_2_Sketch.jpg" Sketch!?! Sketch!?!

Stop... Hammertime!

Here is the image inked up, with Steelhorn added and a bit of Mongrol gunk. Love the energy in this...

Uuuugh, I hope that's oil dripping from Ro-Jaws' pipes...

Next Clint adds some tone and the piece takes a moodier turn...

The ABC's got absolutely smashed at their party. I mean really hammered...
Some lighting effects are added, courtesy of a great big flaming hammer!

Tubal fix it for yoooouuu... you and you and you!

And the piece fully coloured with lighting effects. Hmmm, I wonder why Blackblood is there, the traitorous little shit?

Oh dear, looks like it's NOT oil leaking from Ro-Jaws, I hope Mongrol has put the lottery on this week, it's supposed to be lucky.

Below is, I assume, Clint's suggestion for the logo placement and colour, which judging by the finished version, was adhered to pretty closely...

The warriors photobomb Tubal's picture.

 I recommend handling this weeks' prog with heat resistant gloves.

Giant flaming hammer sized thanks to Clint for sending these fantastic images, it's great to get (a little) more of an idea how this artist works. Please check out his website at

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