Sunday 19 January 2014

Clint Langley - What does the Bot Say?

BIG JOBS! It's bot on bot action on this stunning cover by the mighty Clint Langley. The Langley droid is absolutely knocking to out of the park in the prog at the minute, with artwork that evokes memories of classic Bisley and Walker's stints of the Warriors, mixed with his own inimitable style. The subtle blend of digital with black and white inks is genius, I can't wait to see this one collected.

This cover of this one is somewhat misleading, where the action on the image doesn't quite reflect what happens in the prog. However, I don't have a problem with it when it's as Zarjaz as this!

Below are Clint's awesome inks, look at all those wires, dirt and other little details on that! I feel sorry for the colourist, oh...

Mars Brawl 

And here is the cover with initial colours, lovely!

Mongrol and Mek-Quake play Rock, Paper, Chainsaw!

And here's the final image with a smattering of Clint's signature digital effects. Absolutely smushing!

"Knock, knock!" Who's there?" "LARAAAAAA!" "Lara who?" "Lara detail on this cover, isn't there?" - I'll get me coat...

Finally, here's how the prog looked on the shelves, a treat for those who like speech bubbles on their prog!

A typical conversation in the ABC Warriors house.

Huge, ABC Warrior sized thanks to Clint for sending these images. We've had some stunning covers in 2014 already and I'm sure this is going to be up there with the best! See more of Clint's work at his site here and his Facebook page here!

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