Sunday 8 September 2013

Clint Langley - The Dog's Molochs!

Prog 1949 sees the end of Slaine's 'Book of Scars' and once again, Tharg and Clint Langley have a treat for us in the form of a scrotnig Variant cover! I know variants divide the readership, but as the writer of a covers blog, it's ruddy good news for me!

There are two variants, the one above showing a brooding, rather cheesed off looking Slaine and the one below featuring Niamh's killer, the evil Moloch...

Ow, that eye piercing always freaks me out! 

The glorious hardback collection of Book of Scars comes out in November, featuring not only the special anniversary story but also a covers gallery and more! Speaking of which, Clint was kind enough to send a tantalising glimpse of one of the, quote, "many extras" he's putting together for the graphic novel. Once again, Clint beautifully channels the late, great Massimo Belardinelli, we see his take on Slaine's post-Burning Man warp spasm...  

Old One Eye... oops, wrong strip!

Belardinelli's bonkers yet brilliant original.

Warp spasm 2013!

Below are the covers as they'll appear at your newsagent, let's hope no one of a fragile disposition sees those!


Cop a load of that Axe.

A  great walloping thank you to Clint for sending the images, as usual they are amazing! The graphic novel is released on November 12th 2013, order it now Earthlets!

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  1. Any chance you could add the unpublished Guledig 3rd variant from The Book of Scars hardback? Would love to see a hires version!