Tuesday 30 July 2013

Carl Critchlow - LAWS

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water... the instantly recognisable Carl Critchlow is back! After being tasked with wrapping up last years' brilliant Trifecta, Carl is proving the stunning art for the current Dredd tale, Scavengers. The story, by Low Life creator Rob Williams, explores what happened to Luna-City 2 after it plunged beneath the oily waters of The Black Atlantic...

Below, we see Carl's brilliant sketch which completely captures the feel of the cover. No wonder Tharg went for it.

What a pain in the tentacles...

And here are the inks, those nasty looking suckers on those tentacles must have taken an age to draw! There's a slight mistake in the image though, can you spot it?
Hey sucker, what the hell's got into you?

Finally, Carl's superbly muted colours. I love how he's kept this necessarily murky yet still manages to make it pop, brilliant!

Bubble trouble

Carl also included this alternatively coloured version which is even murkier, yikes!

And here's the cover as it will appear at your local thrill merchant. Lovely!

And good news for anyone who is a fan of Carl's hilarious, Eagle award wining series Thrud the Barbarian. On September 24th Titan Books will be printing the book with same day digital copies available on Comixology. It's a wonderful read and comes very, very highly recommended!

He didn't think it too many...

Thanks to Carl for sending the images, please check out his website at http://www.carlcritchlow.com/ and make sure you grab Thrud, you won't be sorry!

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