Wednesday 29 May 2013

Henry Flint - Hank So Low.

An elegant weapon for a more civilised age?

Wow, this crazy Zombo cover by the wonderful Henry Flint REALLY pops! It seems a bit more saturated than the printed and digital versions and, in my GCSE-Grade-D-for-art-based opinion, really benefits as a result.

Of course, it features the nefarious Hank Epsilon and Myron Snyde, showing us that their chopper is very much bigger than ours. This cover sadly marks the end of the current, crackpot arc for our favourite codpiece wearing Zombie, however he will return soon...

Below is Henry's mad as a box of frogs rough...

The Farce Is Strong with this one...

And again the finished version. I'm absolutely loving the background, so very effective.

That armour's too strong for blasters.

And here's what the prog looks like on your shelf - love the complimentary greens in the 2000AD logo.

"You Walt a piecea me!?!"

A BIG thanks to Henry for sending the cover. As you would expect, he and Al have done an amazing job on Zombo. Grud only knows what twisted plans they have for poor Eric Rabinowicz! Please check out Mr Flint's glorious website here

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  1. Fantastic cover; always a pleasure to see these, Pete.