Friday 9 November 2012

Tiernen Trevallion - Code 99 Red: Judge Clown!

 Get the point?

Is this the end for Jack Point? Prog 1809 features this shocking cover by the Absalom and Ratfink artist Tiernen Trevallion as Jack is attacked by a Black Ops fanatic. Tiernen was kind enough to send his step by step stages of the cover's development. 

Below are his pencils, fantastic sense of movement on the assassin here. 

End point?

Next those inks which make for such a strong image. Loving Jack Point's stubble on this...

Black Op Chop!

And finally those incredibly strong colours. Check out the clever spot (ha!) colour on Jack's tie, just brilliant!

Jack attack!

Here's how the design team at 2000AD added the cover elements to produce a really strong design.

You got jack, buddy!

Thanks to Tiernen for sending the images, please go to his website at and prepare to be blown away. A truly stunning talent!

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