Tuesday 22 May 2012

Paul Marshall - Hot Saurs!

What a scorcher of a cover from Paul Marshall! He's done an excellent job, I love how Gorehead is giving us the eye and colourist Chris Blythe has really outdone himself with the heat on those flames! 

Over to Paul to give us more info "The Brief from Matt was to design a close up shot of Gorehead, roaring his head off, whilst  trapped in a Flame engulfed Cage...like you do!"

"I did a few rough's from various angles just for  Matt to look at and see what he preferred. In the end we decided to go with the profile shot..."

Modist as ever, Paul makes the creation of such a powerful cover sound easy. He simply continues "Then it was straight on to the pencilling and inking."

I'm really loving the rendering styles here...
"Once finished the image was sent over to Chris Blythe, who did a fantastic job on the colouring as per usual, and there you have it!" He certainly did, I love the colouring job he's done on that creepy eye and the glowing fire on the cover really pops against the black. Amazing! 

Thanks to Paul for sending these fantastic images and, as ever, to Pye Parr for sending the final coloured image. Another classic cover from the House of Tharg!