Tuesday 3 January 2012

2000AD Cover of the Year Vote 2011 - The Result!

The results of the great 2000AD cover vote for 2011 are in! They have been meticulously checked and then even more meticulouslyer double checked by myself, then independently checked (and, of course, corrected) by KTT winner the Emperor, to whom I'd like to send a million thanks!

Over 60 people took the time to vote on the 2000AD messageboard, this blog and the brilliant ECBT2000AD blog. I'd like to say thanks to those for taking the time to do so.

So, onto he results! The winner, by an absolute landslide is D'Israeli's Hokasi inspired Dirty Frank cover of Prog 1752. Simply beautiful!

Readers with longer memories will recall that this is the second time in three years that the D'emon D'raughtsman has won, you can see his earlier winning entry here.

In second place is Greg Staples' amazing wraparound for relaunch issue Prog 1750...

Cliff Robinson's bloomin' brilliant Dredd cover for Prog 1738 claimed joint third place...

with Henry Flint's incredibly original Shakara cover of Prog 1725.

Fourth place again went to Henry Flint for this marvellous Dredd piece of Prog 1763.

The fifth spot went to Liam Sharp for his highly cinematic Flesh cover for Prog 1724...
Bubbling under were three crackers, the first by Henry Flint (again!)

Second by newcomer Garry Brown...

And finally the brilliant 1729 by another cover debutant, James Mackay!

Well done to all winners in this fantastic competition!

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