Sunday 4 December 2011

Tiernen Travellion - Have Your-elf a Meggy Little Christmas!

Hey, remember that amazing Christmas story where Dredd was attacked by a demonic horde of robot elves at the city bottom? No? Me neither, but it's one story I'd bloody LOVE to read! We can get a glimpse of could have been on the cover of this months' Meazine, courtesy of the fevered imagination of the brilliant Tiernen Travellion. What a Christmas treat!

Below, we can see Tiernen's mad scribblings. I assume he was under full supervision by the warden and a couple of burly orderlies when given the sharp pencil to draw with...
Next, the freaking incredible inks...
Here Tiernen has blocked out the erm... blocks, giving a general idea of colour for the cover. I love the yellows and blue here, they give a wonderfully wintry feel which really gives a festive flavour...
And the final image which is just brilliant, easily one of my favourite covers of the year. The scene itself is fantastic and the little details such as the candy cane colours, the damage to Dredd's uniform and the sexy lady Santa droid are the icing on a rather fantastic Christmas cake!

This isn't the first time Tiernen has unleashed glorious, disgusting little festive pixies on the world. Here are some delightful images from Christmases gone by, mental...

I hope we see lots more of Tiernen's work in the prog in the coming months, he's easily my favourite artist to have come along in recent years. Obviously, I'm not alone in my appreciation of his work, over on the Comic Art Fans website, an art collector known as "Bad Company" recently got this amazing commission done based on the Warlord story from Prog 451-455. How cool does Dredd look here?

Thanks to Tiernen for sending the images, please check out his outstandingly good site here, he's done lots of updates recently which are stunning!


  1. Tiernen's art is amazing and he seems a nice bloke too (I interviewed him for the Meg' recently; not sure when that's appearing).

    Matt Badham

  2. Absolutely amazing art as always from Tiernen.