Monday 20 June 2011

Tiernen Trevallion - La Placa Rifa!

And it's another wonderful cover by the brilliant Absalom artist Tiernen Trevallion! This cover could (and if you ask a certain writer, should) have been much different. Tiernen says "Matt and I had a similar idea, I was keen to do an action scene, a good old school copper/demon punch up, but we were running short on time so we went for this one. Errr... that's about it, really... sorry, Monday and all that..."

So, below we have Tiernen's pencils for the image...

Followed by his colour rough, which is where the twist comes in the tale...

Tiernen continues "No, there was one thing... I sent Gordon the colour rough, and he said he'd planned to NEVER REVEAL Harry's police badge... and there it is... right on the cover.... he was okay about it, and said we should use it now it's been drawn up..." Hmmmm, coincidence or are demonic forces getting revenge on the creative team for giving them a good pasting in the strip?

Again, the cooooool final image...

I love this cover, it's very intelligent, eye catching and the design work is ace, I particularly adore the colours of the logo. However, I can't help wondering what the alternative version would have looked like, and neither can Tiernen by the sound of it, he says "Anyway, there'll be another opportunity to show Harry giving some demonic forces a good shoeing, I'm sure." Let's hope so as Gordon's dense script and Tiernen's sublime visuals have been a huge hit with readers.

Thanks again to Tiernen for supplying the visuals, what a brilliant talent he is! Please visit his website here.

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