Saturday 7 May 2011

Liam Sharp - Mutie Hell!

Well, would you look at that? An absolutely brilliant cover from Liam Sharp showing our favourite law man surrounded by some very scary looking muties in the heat of the Cursed Earth. It's a brilliant cover and for once, we're going to start at the end product as there seems to have been a few decisions made after the cover was completed.

Over to Liam for the full story, "This is the cover unadorned. I wanted to keep it really simple and clean, and to hark back a bit to my old Dredd work, and the Bolland Dredds I grew up with."

However, once completed, the mighty one had other ideas about it, Liam continues "Tharg wanted to see if it worked better in close up..."

"...but I had been very careful with the design, working it up with the logo very much in mind. Ultimately he agreed with me and we settled on this version..." I was recently lucky enough to meet Mr Sharp at the Kapow con and let me tell you, he's a big fella and not one to be argued with. Even if you're the mighty Tharg!

"...but not before we tried one more with a couple more muties roughly sketched in in the background." Check out those bad boys below:

And so, that final cover again and the last words from Liam "What I'm really pleased with, though, is the colour. I've been working with hotter palettes than I usually go for recently and it's been really interesting seeing the results." Regular readers of the blog will remember Liam showed hotter and cooler versions of his brilliant wraparound Flesh cover.

Speaking of Liam's use of cooler colours, I thought I could use that as an excuse to show this amazing Rancor Hunters painting he did for the Star Wars: Visions art book, I adore this picture!

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Liam for taking the time to send the art and the quotes, it's very much appreciated by me and everyone who reads the blog! Liam's next cover features the mighty Tharg, so after going toe to toe with the mighty one on this cover, look out for the addition of a wart on the end of his nose or some comedy glasses!

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