Tuesday 18 January 2011

SB Davis: 51 42 51.22N, 1 54 19.43W

Huzzah and hurrah! The third in Simon Davis' brilliantly designed covers for the upperclass paranormal investigator series, Ampney Crucis! This perfectly painted portrait follows the same conventions as it's peers, featuring the dapper detective posing perfectly properly against an eerie, yet cleverly constructed backdrop. This particular image features the airship Graf Orlok, where Ampney has found himself in the middle of a series of grisly murders which are being committed to satiate the hunger of a giant, Lovecraftian annelid!

The three covers that have featured in this series to date make a rather splendid triptych, which I've made below. Pip-pip!

Thanks to Pye for the image!

1 comment:

  1. This is indeed an awesome cover. And nice to see the series all in one place. I always feel guilty and confused about Simon Davis' work. I can see that his art is phenomenal both in technique and effort, but I just don’t get on with his sequential artwork.
    Stone Island is the only exception to this, was not only the best story telling Davis’ has done, but was, for me, the best strip running at the time. I just can’t put my finger on why I have a hard time with most of his other strips.
    I do like his covers, with the exception of his recent Volg one, and this series of covers is breathtaking.