Monday 29 March 2010

Meg 296 - A Prime Cover!

Well, here's a cover that's causing a bit of a stir! Jon Davis-Hunt's beauty for Meg 296! Another Tempest cover, this time showing our anti-hero erm... transforming into a super cool killer!

Jon has been a great supporter of the site since the get go and has again very generously sent a bunch of beautiful images showing the step by step creation of this wonderful cover... So, let's go!

Firstly, the roughs on a 2000AD template...
Followed by some beautiful inks...
Adding more detail...
And now beginning to apply blocks of colour.
Tweaking 'em...
And adding some lighting effects.
The big fella's done, let's make a start on Tempest and the background.
In with a funky background...
Then adding the 'zing!'
A magnificent cover I'm sure you'll agree. Thanks to Jon for sending these beauties! Remember, you can visit his new and improved website here and tell him how much you like them!


  1. Great post again cheers Pete. Jon's art is just getting better and better and the figurative work in particular has really come on well.

  2. This cover is simply stunning. Actually, stunning is too small a word.