Saturday 13 February 2010

Elson Smash(ing Cover!)

Ah, the beautiful Blood Sisters cover of Prog 1672 featuring Romanov and Makarov fighting side by side! This awesome cover by Richard Elson is a representation of John Burns' fantastic centre pages, double page splash (I feel like I'm 10 years old again, three cheers for Tharg!)

I asked Rich if he'd seen John's page before undertaking the cover as the two complement each other so well. Rather modestly, the man who has produced some of the finest 2000AD artwork in recent years said, "Matt did send over the brilliant John Burns double page spread for reference when he asked me to do the cover. Obviously, that was a bit intimidating. John Burns is the consummate draughtsman. I am in awe of the man's ability." I don't think he needed to worry too much, I'm sure you'll agree.

With regard to the printed cover, it's a shame the 2000AD Logo has a big black background this week as it really obscures Lulu's beasties. I'd have loved to have seen them looping behind and in front of the 2000AD logo.

If, like me, you're missing Mr Elson's work in the prog, then fear not, he's doing something for 2000AD while working on things for Marvel - phew!

Below we have Richard's roughs followed by those absolutely beautiful inks.
With regard to the inks, Richard just inks on top of the roughs, there's no intermediate stage between the two, the talented beggar!
Thanks once again to Richard for sending these, they really are appreciated by me and I'm sure all that read this blog!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    Thanx for posting!
    Agreed.would have been nice to see the bugs in front of the logo.Theres been some really nice covers lately.