Sunday 20 December 2009

Prog 2010 - Your Move Earthlets!

Here's Greg Staples' cover for this years' fantastic end of year spectacular, Prog 2010! Easily one of my favourite 2000AD artists, Greg's style is another we've been lucky enough to watch develop in his years working for 2000AD. The cover above, which was Greg's idea by the way, was not Greg's first end of year spectacular as he was also responsible for this portrait of Tharg for the cover of Prog 2003.
Speaking of portraits, here are a couple of beauties he did of Dredd for progs 1273 and 1600, stunning! Here are the gorgeous covers of 1446 and 1305 too. A droid at the top of his game I think!

Next are the inks for the Strontium Dog cover of prog 1305 and the amazing painted cover of prog 1446...
Moving on, here are a couple of images featuring Dredd's undead nemesis Judge Death. The first is the cover of Megazine 209 and below that is Gregs beautiful promo image for the Dredd vs. Death game - one of my favourite Dredd images ever...

Finally we have a couple of posters. The first is available as a giveaway in this month's Judge Dredd magazine (on sale now earthlets!) and the second is the cover of the first 2000AD poster prog - enjoy!

Greg's site is at Take a look!

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  1. The mighty green one must keeping tabs on this blog. For what dazzeled my eyes in prog 2010,but a fantastic covers article ! Thanks 2CU and Tharg. Maybe next year santa will bring us an art techniques series sharing the wisdom of the pantheon of 2000ad art droids.