Friday 11 February 2011


Rich 'Blue Meanie' McAuliffe from the brilliant Everything Comes Back To 2000AD podcast asked me to co-present (pretentious, moi?) a special show with him celebrating our top 10 covers of last year.

This is the specially designed podcast companion post where you can actually see the covers we're drunkenly trying to describe with links to how each was made. Having not heard the podcast yet, I hope I don't come across as too much of a twerp on it and any listeners can understand my ridiculous Mackem accent (that's Mackem, NOT Geordie alright!?!)

Soooo, first, I'll list Rich's top 10 followed by my own. Oh, and as I said on the podcast, it really was an impossible task with many others I shoulda put on there and, of the 10 chosen, the order changes by the minute! Here we go with Rich's 10 then, click the hyperlink above each picture to see how it was created!

8 - Volkhan's Warriors by Clint Langley

7 - Defoe by Leigh Gallagher

6 - The Death of Johnny Alpha by Ben Willsher

5 - Zombo by Henry Flint

4 - Dredd in the Rain by Ben Willsher

3 - Rojaws by Clint Langley

2 - Prog 1700 by Jon Davis-Hunt

Aaaaaand, at number 1, Karl Richardson's excellent Dredd cover for Prog 1695...

Moving on to my faves, I had to start with an honourable mention for D'Israeli's brilliant Stickleback cover of Prog 1669...

10 - Dirty Frank by Neil Roberts

9 - Karl Richardson's Dredd cover of Prog 1695...

8 - The Law at the Door by Mark Harrison

7 - Chief Judge Dredd by Greg Staples

6 - Dredd vs the Dragon by Cliff Robinson

5 - Zombo by Henry Flint

4 - Prog 2011 by Simon (public apology no 3, 276, 273) Fraser

3 - Dredd in the Rain by Ben 'Coolest Lawmasters' Willsher

2 - Beautifully atmospheric Heroes be Damned cover by Simon Fraser

1 - Again, that wonderful Prog 1700 by Jon Davis-Hunt

Finally, we named our covers of the year so far and not suprisingly, our favourite cover artists of last year had already become our favourite artists of this year! Rich chose Karl Richardson's action packed Devil's Island cover of Prog 1718...

Where as I went for Jon Davis-Hunt's glorious Elson-esque Kingdom cover for Prog 1717...

So, you can visit the Everything Comes Back to 2000AD website here and get full details of how to download this aural delight!

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