Saturday 30 January 2010

Prog 1670 - Volkhan's Warriors!

Yet another amazing Clint Langley cover, this time showcasing Volkhan and his evil Mechanoids. Does this man ever sleep? The design work on the anti-warriors is simply breathtaking, they make for a terrifying motley crew! I can't wait to see the ABC's put them in their place!

All of Clint's other ABC covers can be seen here and his fantastic website is here.

Thanks to Clint for sending the cover!


  1. would anyone have a link to how Clint produces works like this, is there anything on the web or a book? j

  2. i'm off up my newsagent right now. he's been getting AD in on a saturday these days. Besides i am thirsty.

    That would make a fucking killer mouse mat btw!

  3. oh yeah!!! Megazine was in too.

  4. Oh yeah James, I'd love to see a step by step tutorial of how Clint works, it's mind boggling stuff!

    Chuffed you got your comics, Mr Bumcrack! Good idea for the mousemat too, ASDA's online photo shop do 'em for a fiver...