Monday 26 July 2010

Karl Richardson - The Eyes Have It!

Well, how's that for an amazing cover then? Back on the seedy streets of Mega-City One after the turbulent events of Tour of Duty and our favourite lawman is already up against a mysterious serial killer who seems to prey on the memories and emotions of his victims.

The art on this tale is stunning by the amazing Karl Richardson who also created the stunning cover above. Below we see a sketch for an alternative idea for the cover...

Followed by his development sketches for the final, fantastic image...
Yes folks, that image above is a sketch! Finally that beautiful finished cover one last time...
Thanks again to Karl for taking time out of his hectic schedule to find and send the images. He kindly sent the finished cover back in early March and ever since I've been desperate to show it! I'm sure you'll agree it's an absolutely superb piece of work!

No link yet to a site to see more of Karl's work but I'm sure if we all keep bullying him he'll sort one out soon! (You can however use the search function on this blog to see more of his phenomenal work.)


  1. Karl has always been a brilliant painter great cover

  2. Love the way the page alters slightly as Karl progresses with each stage towards the finished piece.
    By the way, that alternative cover would look impressive if it was ever fully finished, just the framing of the bike alone is superb.

    More please Pete.