Thursday 24 February 2011

Hey you!

A sight to chill you to your marrow, a pissed off looking Dredd pointing squarely at YOU! This is the cover of Prog 1723 by the wonderful Nick Percival. Over to the man himself to tell us more...

"It was a simple brief from Mr.Tharg for the cover art. Nice, big Dredd, pointing at the reader with his gun raised, blah, blah. Nothing dynamic - just a clear, solid Dredd which is always cool to do. You can't really hide anything or get away with any short cuts on an image like this, so it all has to be pretty spot on and I guess it's the kind of image that's been done a number of times before but it was good to paint the grumpy old bastard one more time..."

And spot on it is too, below are the roughs...

Followed by the bloody beautiful digital paints, awesome!

Thanks to Nick for sending this - I know I keep banging on about it but if you haven't already, please try to read his Legends: The Enchanted graphic novel - it's excellent and cheap as chips on the comixology app!

See more of Nick's excellent work on my blog here and at his Deviantart page here.

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