Thursday 24 March 2016

Clint Langley Special - The Hateful Eight!

Welcome to this ABC Warriors special, collecting together all of Clint Langley's Zarjaz covers for his and Pat Mills' excellent 'Return to Ro-Busters' story. I loved this story, a cracking return to the past but with some modern sensibilities both in terms of story and art. The whole conspiracy theory angle was ace, with many of the disasters of the past being false flag operations or even set up by Howard Quartz himself to earn yet more dirty cash!
Clint kicked the year off with this iconic image of Hammerstein. I like to think that this was the last thing the odious Howard Quartz saw in his human form...
Say "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!"

I'm sure many of you know that ThreeA are working on making a range of high end 2000AD toys and I know they've been hard at work trying to crack Hammerstein from the start. This glorious image makes me want my Hammerstein figure right now!

Hammerstein Smush!

Clint was kind enough to send an alternative version of the cover using tone and a little spot colour, tremendous!

A shot of redeye!

Sob! the next one  is a heartbreaker! I remember my stomach doing a flip when I saw this. Ro-Jaws is easily one of my favourite 2000AD characters and I'd hate to lose the little nerk, thankfully he didn't meet his maker in this particular tale...   

A shot from the ABC Warriors Special of Strictly Come Dancing.

"Kiss me, Hammy!"
Say "Goodnight" at Gracie's as the P.D. troopers shoot up Gracie's Garage!


I bet he drinks Castrol Black Label.

And now the circle is complete! The Meknificent Sev... I mean eight graced the cover for the final part of the arc, showcasing the outstanding designs of these enduring characters.

Here are the inks...

The ABC Warriors variant of the Space Spinner.

And Clint's thrill power infused colours, amazing!

ABC Warriors: The pink hole!
A HUGE thank you to Clint for sending the images, he's done amazing things with this strip, completely capturing the feel of those original Ro-Busters tales but with a modern spin. A truly Meknificent artist!

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