Tuesday 8 March 2016

Alex Ronald - Eager Alien Poet.

Alex Ronald is back with another absolutely perfectly rended cover, this time featuring everyone's favourite alien, the wonderful Sensitive Klegg. The hilarious 'Undercover Klegg' story by Rob Williams and D'Israeli is currently running in the Prog and sees Dredd's tolerance pushed to the absolute limit!
Below is Alex's black and white rough which is typically detailed and intricate...
 Flower Power
Next up, Alex's brilliant 3D model!!! This is simply perfect, I NEED a 3D printer so I can put this on my shelf, it's beautiful! Alex said "Originally I had the Klegg a bit smaller then resized him before doing the final image."  

Dredd and Klegg form an unexpected Abba tribute band. 

Most readers will know that Alex has been working closely with Planet Replica's on a few projects of late. He has helped produce the forthcoming Mekon Statue, based on Dave Gibbons' work, which is just gorgeous!

"Can I not shit in peace?" 

Alex also modelled Henry Flint's movie Dredd and I eagerly await a super cool pose from Mr Flint!

Dredd's deodorant hadn't dried yet... 

We will also see Alex's work in the forthcoming Strontium Dog Fan Film as he's modelled some of the ships for that, exciting stuff!

Below is Alex's final cover, and what a cover it is! I absolutely love this one...

 How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways!
Thank you to Alex for sending the wonderful images, I suspect Alex is going to storm the cover vote again this year too! Check out more of his excellent work here.

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