Saturday 2 July 2011

The Incorruptible Garry Brown!

So, here's the cover for Prog 1741, the second from Garry Brown, however, the first that the artist had sent. He says "This was actually a spec cover that Matt liked enough to buy. I emailed him and asked if there was any work available, he said if I did a spec cover of a generic Dredd image he'd take a look at it. So I did..."

Below is Garry's rough sketch...
Followed by these rather splendid pencils...
And of course, his raw and dirty inks...
Garry, who has been doing an amazing job colouring his incorruptible covers, sent this version off to the very hard to please Betelgeusian editor however "He didn't like the colours originally, he liked the composition and the lineart (the cover was also the wrong dimensions, been working on US covers for a while now), but not the colours..."

Garry continues "So I edited the cover and he liked it enough to use it." Hmmmm, I have to say I don't know which I prefer. I like the contrasts in the top cover but also the warm colours of the chosen image...

Plundered from Garry's Deviant art gallery are several more Dredd related images staring with this cutey below...
And this rather brilliant try-out piece. Judging by this (no pun intended) I'd love to see Garry work on an actual Dredd strip.
The next few early images of Dredd are from when Garry was "messing around, trying to get a version I like..."

Finally another spec cover that Garry sent to Tharg which unfortunately old green bonce didn't go for. Such a shame as it's ace!

Thanks again to Garry for sending the images. Remember you can visit his website here and I urge you all to take a look through his Deviantart folder here!

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  1. Great cover, I thought.

    Garry's a star in the making.

    Matt Badham