Tuesday 12 July 2011

Henry Flint - "Pleased to eat you!"

Celebrate Earthlets! Not just because the zarjaz Henry Flint is back in the prog, not just because lovable, codpiece wearing zombie Zombo has returned, but... (Drumroll please...) Henry Flint, the living embodiment of 2000AD, has got his own blog!!! Happy, happy days!

You can find and love it here.

WAIT! Wait! Before you rush off to melt your eyeballs with it, don't forget to read the rest of this post, sheesh! So, the amazing Mr Flint is back on cover duties with this wonderful Zombo and Obmoz illustration. Below we can see Henry's initial ideas; personally I'd have love to have seen number one - I think Zombo in his codpiece contrasting with Omboz in his smart suit would have been hilarious!

Once a design had been approved, Henry inked it up all nice like...

Henry uses tracing paper a lot in his work and I'm guessing he used this to get those insane textures.
And again, the brilliant final image
Thanks to Henry for letting me plunder his blog! Right I'm gong back there to ogle some more!

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