Sunday 23 August 2015

Jake Lynch - Dredd Hot, Chilly Perps!

 Ouch! How's this for a painful looking cover by fan favourite Jake Lynch? This battered and beaten image of Dredd certainly evokes memories of McMahon's classic Cursed Earth finale of Prog 85, this lawman is NOT for breaking!
The previous instalment of Enceladus: Old Life saw Dredd, Hershey and Dirty Frank caught up in a massive napalm strike, I guess it's safe to say that Dredd doesn't come out totally unscathed. Regular readers will no doubt be aware that poor Jake has been the recipient of Rigellion Hotshots in his previous two articles on the blog, it is obvious now that Tharg the all seeing was simply preparing the artdroid for this scorching hot cover. All hail Tharg the Thoughtful!
I asked Jake to talk us through the cover, he whimpered "Aaaaaaagh! Aaaaaaagh! It buuuuuurns, for the love of Grud, help me..."  After a quick blast with the fire extinguisher Jake said "Tharg's brief came in full of expletives to describe Dredd's appearance and I quickly knocked up some thumbnails for The Mighty Ones approval..."
From Jake's smouldering cubicle, I was able to rescue this set of roughs. There are some excellent images there and I know that Jake modelled each one as he burned. Ever the pro...  
Number 4 takes the Dredd as a fascist argument a little too far... 

Jake continues "Number 5 was chosen, along with a few more expletives explaining that I hadn't quite nailed the original brief! Using the selected thumbnail as a starting point I reworked it more along those lines (whimper..)"

 This isn't the time for a wedding proposal Dredd!

With the composition nailed, Jake gets to work. Ironically, he coolly says "Then it's just the usual routine, from rough to tone..."

"On your marks..."

Shouldn't Dredd send himself to the Smokatorium!?!

 "To colour to done!"
Bit of camomile lotion and he'll be right as rain!
Wow, a truly fantastic cover, I adored it the moment I saw it. Here's how it looks on your Prog...
Stay still Dredd, my marshmallow is nearly done!
A trawl through Jake's Facebook page gives a couple of wonderful images, like this top notch Lawmaster redesign...

A law machine... and a motorbike!
And this mind melting Hershey, woah!
"Ooooops! I thought the safety was on!"
Huge, huge thanks to Jake for sending the images, despite being a smouldering ball of flame! I was already a massive fan of this Droid's work but this is my favourite cover yet!

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