Friday 14 August 2015

Alex Ronald - Knock Knock!

Another downright excellent cover from fan favourite Mr Alex Ronald, as he perfectly captures the moment in Jaegir when the Strigoi breach the military base on the world of Tartarus.

Below we see his action packed rough...

You're facing the wrong way Atalia!

And here's the amazing panel that inspired it. Simon Coleby's work on this strip has been outstanding from the get go, a real highlight on a prog that is absolutely bursting with amazing artwork at present. However, it's also always fun to see another artist's interpretation of the prog's characters and I think Alex has done an absolutely stella job here.
Oooooh, you put your right arm in...

And here's how it looks on your progshelf, smushtastic!!!

"May I borrow a cup of sugar please?"

Massive thanks to Alex for his continued support! A gentleman of the highest order!

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