Tuesday 24 December 2013

Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague - Christmas BOKs!

Ho ho holy Joe Christmas, that looks painful! The Mighty Cliff Robinson once again gives us, quite literally, a cracking cover. Cliff is an absolute powerhouse of ideas, always coming up with inspirational takes from Mega-City life, be it a snapshot of Dredd in action or tightly focusing on a piece of Justice Dept. equipment, Cliff always gives us something a little quirky or different.

The title of this piece is 'A Lasting Impression' which you can see was his suggested strap line for the image...

Oh that Dredd, what a nutter.

'The grumpy old Lawman brought down his big head'

However, Tharg had different ideas. Over to Cliff to elaborate - "So here is the Christmas cover and it's roughs. As you can see, it was not originally conceived as a festive cover. The 'Punk Santa' was Tharg's inspired idea!"

And what a cool idea it was! Here's Cliff's pencils with added festive Santa hat...

 The nutcracker - sweet!

With the image given the festive seal of approval, Cliff beautifully inks those glorious pencils. Please, as a Christmas treat, open the image below in a new window and spend a bit of time looking at it, I promise you won't be sorry.

Have you seen my Dredd impression?

Once again, Dylan Teague had the unenviable task of doing justice to those fantastic inks and as usual didn't disappoint. He's done a horribly gory job!

Have a drool yule!

And here's how the final image looked in the shops - nice strap line by the design droids!

Festive thanks to Cliff and Dylan for sending the images, what a fine set of Droids working in perfect harmony. Perhaps Tharg should rivet them together droid centipede style!

A very, very Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this shambles of a blog and to all the amazing artists who contribute! I love you all inappropriately! 

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