Saturday 27 April 2013

IDW Round Up

 Zach Howard Cover A

As 2000AD fans will know IDW produce a Judge Dredd title for the American market. The company are renowned for producing varient covers using some of the biggest names in the business. Already we've seen delights from Dave Sim, Greg Staples, Nick Percival, Dave Sim and Carlos Ezquerra, with other star names such as Ashley Wood being touted.

With this in mind, I wanted to try and round up as many covers as I could. This list, image intensive though it is, is certainly not exhaustive and I'm sure will be subject to updates in the future!

Here goes: 

Issue 1 had many, many covers, including retailer incentives for ordering multiple copies of the comic.

Issue 1A by Zach Howard...

Coloured by Nelson Daniel.

 Cover 1B by Nick Runge

Cover 1C Jim Starlin

Cover 1D Whilce Portacio

Special Subscribers Cover by Zach Howard.

Foil Variant!

 Carlos Ezquerra Retailer Incentive 1:25 cover

Carlos' cover coloured by Nelson Daniel

Personalised cover for comic stores ordering 500+ comics, by Nick Runge.

Jetpack comics exclusive cover featuring art by Cliff Robinson.

Jetpack comics exclusive 2, by Daniel Swuerczynski Swierczynski Daniel

Jetpack comics exclusive 3, more Cliff Robinson.

Charles Paul Wilson III Variant

 Not quite as many covers for Issue 2 but some crackers never the less...

Cover 2A pencils by Zach Howard...


Coloured by Nelson Daniel.

 Cover 2B by the wonderful Greg Staples.

  Cover 2C Nick Percival, a 1 in 10 Incentive Cover

Sketch variant by Kyle Strathrm

 Onto Issue 3...

Cover 3A by Zach Howard...

Coloured by Nelson Daniel.

Cover 2B by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel.

Cover 3C by Nick Percival.

On to Issue 4...

That boy Zach Howard again!

And his partner in crime, Nelson Daniel.

Garry Brown 4B

Garry Brown's masterful colours

Nick Pervical excellent 1:10 Variant

Issue 5

Zach's pencils

Very moody inks...

And great colours by Nelson. Love this one!

Langdon Foss' mental cover for issue 5!

Issue 6

The team of Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel return!

Issue 7

Mike McKone inks...

Coloured by Rico Renzi

Issue 8

Howard Chaykin's controversial lawmaster...

Coloured by Jesus Aburto

Judge Dredd Year One

Some of my favourite ever covers here by the amazing Greg Staples. This series by Matt Smith and Simon Coleby is excellent, I can't recommend it highly enough!

Issue one had this glorious incentive cover by King Carlos Ezquerra himself...

Coloured by 2000AD favourite Len O'Grady...

Cerebus legend Dave Sim has also provided a set of nicely designed covers...

Logo sketch

Issue 1 inks


Issue 2 inks...

and colours.

Issue 3 inks...

You guessed it, colours!

Aaaand finally, issue 4 inks...

And wicked looking colours!

Forthcoming series'...

Recently a Dredd vs Mars Attacks comic has be announced, this could be amazing!!! Below is another jaw dropper of a Greg Staples cover...

And, very recently announced is City of Courts, written by Doug Wolk, aithor of the exhaustive Dredd Reckoning Blog. What on earth could this be!?! The cover below is by Ulises Farina with colours by Owen Gieni...

Free Comic Book Day

On May 4th you will be able to grab IDW's Judge Dredd classics with cover by the esteemed Mr Bolland This will be an ongoing series of classic Dredd strips coloured by Charlie Kirchoff...

Artist Collections

Which brings us nicely on to IDWs sumptuous artist collections. These over-sized, hardback books are collectors dreams showcase the breathtaking talents of some of Dredd's most important artists. Be sure to check out the Red and Blue Label editions of the books which are simply amazing packages!

Below is the cover for the Brian Bolland collection - inks by Bolland, colours by Charlie Kirchoff...

Here's the recently released Carlos Ezquerra collection...

And the forthcoming Cam Kennedy collection, yay!

Wow, that was exhausting but by no means exhaustive! It's great to have a company so invested in Dredd so hats off to IDW. Watch this space for more wonderful IDW covers.

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