Saturday 30 June 2012

Tiernen Trevallion - Harry's Game.

Here we have another masterclass in design by the brilliant Tiernen Trevallion. Beautiful use of colour, amazing composition and intelligent leading lines take you exactly where the artist wants you to go.

This spookily atmospheric image is the zarjaz cover of Inspector Absalom's first graphic novel, Ghosts of London. Absalom heads the special squad that enforces the Acccord - a sixteenth century diplomatic treaty made between the demons of Hell and the sovereignty of England. If any hellish creature should step out of line, it's up to Harry and his gang to slap them down!

The collection features all of the inspector's adventures to date - Noblesse Oblige, which introduces us Absalom and his world proper (he'd previously appeared in the excellent Caballistics Inc;)  Sick Leave, where Harry faces his own demons and Ghosts of London, a time bending tale where Harry takes on fascists trying to raise hell using the mythical London Stone.

Below are Tiernen's pencils. Check out some of those demons beneath the ground, I love Mr Flat Cap and the WW1 soldier. You can also see some of Tiernen's trademark graffiti and his little goblin creatures - ace!  

From left to right the downright weird Barney, D.S. Terrance Sangster, a Homunculi (muscle that Harry has 'grown'), Harry Absalom, another Homunculi and newest recruit, Jemima Hopkins

 Next up, his amazing inks. Take a look at Absalom's piercing eyes, creepy!

More intricate inks you'll never see!

And finally, the coloured version featuring Tiernen's muted palette. It's worth noting that all of Tiernen's Absalom covers to date have used the same basic colour scheme. That eerie purple really pops against the grey/blue of the scene and the solitary street lamp lights the location perfectly.

"It's below you!" The finished cover.

To celebrate the release of the book, we'll take a look at the rest of Tiernen's excellent covers. Firstly, the cover of Prog 1732 which marked Absalom's solo debut...
Harry's Law
(See the making of this cover here)

And Prog 1739 which marked the end of Noblesse Olige.
La Place Rifa!
(See the making of this cover here)

The amazing cover of 1767, a real favourite of mine.
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!
(See the making of this cover here)

Tiernen hasn't just provided covers for Absalom, he gave us this fantastic image for Sinister Dexter...

Gunshark larks
(See the making of this cover here)

And the unforgettable Christmas Megazine cover. I hope to one day read the story of Dredd vs the robotic elves and sexy Santas!

Meggy Christmas!
(See the making of this cover here)

Thanks to Tiernen for sending the latest images. Please be sure to check out his stunning work on his website here.

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