Sunday 16 January 2011

2000AD Message Board Cover of the Year 2010

And so, after feverish voting throughout December and January, the fine members of the 2000AD message board voted on their favourite cover of 2010. Throughout the voting process, I have to say the spread of votes was fascinating, with over 75% of the covers being voted for by one or more reader.

So, the winner is... Prog 1700 by Jon Davis-Hunt (see the making of it here.) This cover was for the summer relaunch issue and has a particular place in my heart as it features my name on it. Here's Jon official statement to all that voted "Thanks' to everyone who voted. It's an enormous thrill working on 2000AD, especially when you produce a piece of work that people like and enjoy. Thanks again to everyone who liked the cover and took the time to vote. I am extremely chuffed!'

However, I'm sure Jon won't mind me printing the actual email he sent when he found out he'd won. He said "NO WAY!?! Well that is AWESOME news! I am sooo chuffed! I am so bloody thrilled to have won! I am still incredibly thrilled to even get to do a cover for 2000AD. BLIMEY! How cool is that?

Mate, I think a celebratory plate of biscuits and a cup of tea is in order now. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The more I write the more excited I'm getting. Must go now and calm down! Cheers me dears!"

I think he was happy!
Very narrowly missing first place was the amazing cover for Prog 2011 by the awesome Simon Fraser (see the making of it here.) As I'm sure most of you reading this will know, when I announced the winners on the 2000AD board I had a spreadsheet malfunction and actually got the winner and runner up mixed up. Again, I'd like to publicly apologise to Simon as I actually wrote to him to tell him he's won then had to send a very awkward email telling him I'd messed up.

Simon was very kind and understanding, stating on the message board "I like Jon's cover and it is a deserving winner." Simon's statement to voters reads "I'd like to say a big Florix Grabundae to the guys and gals of the 2000AD Message Board for being so supportive over the years. I've been on the 2000AD Newsgroups/Discussion Forums in one form or another since 1996 and the enthusiasm of the Squaxx dek Thargo is part of what makes 2000AD such a joy to work for."

And similarly Jon asked "Could you please tell Simon though that I didn't mind coming 2nd to his cover as I thought it was bloody brilliant!"

Sorry again guys, I've never been so embarrassed... Moving on, here is that spectacular cover!
In third place was the eye popping cover for Prog 1690 (see the making of it here) by Judge Dredd himself, Mr Greg Staples. The artist said "That's great news! Thanks to everyone who voted!"
Bubbling under were the following covers who got so many votes I simply had to include them. Prog 1713 by last year's winner D'Israeli was in the top three for most of the competition and only just missed out on the winner's podium! See the making of it here.
Next up it's that man again Simon Fraser with the brooding Dante cover of Prog 1679 (making of here,) it really is an absolute stunner.
Mark Harrison's cinematic cover of Prog 1702 (making of here) was also very popular with voters...
As was the brilliant Ben Willsher's 'Rain' cover of Prog 1681. The making of this cover can be read here.
And finally D'Israeli creeps in again with this classic Stickleback cover of Prog 1669. The making of this cover (along with the beautiful coloured version) can be seen here.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and to the winners for their kind words. A personal thanks to Rebellion's Simon Parr for all his help with the blog over the year and to Simon Fraser for not throttling me. 2010 was certainly an excellent year for covers, let's see how 2011 goes!

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