Saturday 15 January 2011

Jon Davis-Hunt - Kingdom of the Wicked!

So here it is, another mind blowing cover from 2000AD message board cover of the year winner (more on that in a later post folks,) the brilliant Jon Davis-Hunt. This is Jon's first ever crack at doing a Kingdom cover and he was thrilled to do it. He said "It was was ace fun to do, specially as I'm a big Richard Elson fan!" Well, aren't we all?

Below are Jon's roughs. Sometimes when we see roughs on this blog is obvious straight away which one was going to be the cover. However, with this lot, I'd have liked to have seen any of them get chosen, they all look really, really cool!
Obviously, in his infinite wisdom, the mighty Tharg went for cover number three so Jon got straight to work on the sketch...
The sketch complete, Jon begins to ink the fearsome Gene the Hackman...
And then onto the mysterious robot. As many know, Jon is a huge Transformers fan, respected artist on Titan's Transformers comic as well as IDW's Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation, so he has a real flair for drawing big, cool, stompy robots!
Jon adds base colour to the image...
Before enhancing with shading and a few highlights...
Aaaand finally, the beautiful finished version that is embellished with some lighting and textural effects to really make it pop! A strong contender for next year's cover of the year already!
And I'm sure after seeing this cover, Richard Elson will now be a mutual fan of Jon's as he's certainly done the superbly illustrated strip justice!

Thanks to Jon for being so kind and jolly as usual! Another outstanding cover from a lovely guy!

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  1. JDH really does some of the most amazing mecha art I've ever seen in 2000ad.