Saturday 25 July 2015

Tiernen Trevallion - Parks and Retribution.

Holy Christmas! How amazing is this cover by Tiernen Trevallion? Not content with giving us one potential cover of the year in prog 1936, he does it again with Prog 1941! Once again, this amazing artist makes absolute magic with skilful use of just two, highly contrasting colours.
So what is happening on this cover that has me almost popping with excitement? Is it a future lawman punching through a Dark Judge's mask? A cybernetic Russian lothario fencing against his evil Tsar father? A genetic infantryman battling the hordes on a poisoned planet? Nope, it's a craggy old fella and a chav sitting in the park eating chips - go figure!
Below we see Tiernen's exquisite pencils, the detail here is absolutely mind blowing!
 Keep off the grass... seriously, keep of the grass!
And here's the foreboding inks. I love how the demonic plane ominously surrounds them...

Old Absalom hasn't just got a chip on his shoulder... 

Finally, here is the beautiful coloured version. I can't tell you how long I've spent staring at this!

"Quack! Behind you!!! Quack!"
This is how the cover looks on your progshelf...

A moment of calmness on Clapham Common
Thank you so much to Tiernen for sending the images, I am in awe! Check out his website for more two colour wonders!

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