Sunday 19 July 2015

Karl Richardson - Maulled by Caul!

Oh oh! Things are looking decidedly dodgy for Colonel Luthra as Caul finally catches up with her is Outlier: Dark Symmetries! But what plans does he have for the colonel and Jared Carcer?
Again, Karl Richardson has been knocking it out of the park with this run of Outlier as writer Tom Eglington keeps twisting and turning the plot into unexpected directions. Great stuff indeed!
Karl was frantically painting the final episode of the series when I contacted him, but still found the time to send some images, Grud bless him! Below we see Karl's roughs for the cover, yikes, you can't beat the threat of a bit of tentacle to the eyeball...
"You are feeling sleeeeepy..."

This cover could have been  very different, with an erm... headshot of Caul's head shot. This would have made a great companion to Carcer's headshot cover of Prog 1935, however, I wonder if Tharg thought it too extreme even for 2000AD!?!

"Has anyone got some paracetamol? "

As stated in previous posts, clever clogs Karl simply inks over his pencils and paints on top. Here is the image almost finished...

Those costumes on Strictly Come Dancing get weirder and weirder!

We can see where Karl has checked the composition and had a rough look at logo placement...
 "Gimme five! On the Side... Up above... Down below... To the side... To the other side... etc..."
And here's the finished version with some of Karl's trademark special effects with the cover blurb. Loving the interplay between the tentacle and the logos!
Caul was a very touchy feely kinda dude...
HUGE thanks to Caul who was really up against it when I was bugging him for the cover images. Extra oil rations for this droid please Tharg! 

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