Monday 16 March 2015

Nick Percival - Dont touch that dial...

The amazing Nick Percival brings us an eye popping cover AND interior art for a very, very special Mean Machine story in this months' mighty Megazine. 'Rising Angel' is a heart breaking tale, exploring what happens to Mean after his dial is removed in the brilliant Dreddtale '50 Year Man.'

Mean was VERY close to Mr Floppy the bunny...

Over to Nick to tell us about this truly excellent cover; “I really wanted to get away from the crazy, snarling Mean Machine we’ve seen a million times before, since the story (written by the brilliant Mike Carroll) is quite emotional, sad and kind of a reflective tale for Mean, looking back at his past. Also, this is Mean as he is now, some years in the future - weary and despondent and without his mood dial, so he’s pretty much neutered as far as his extreme rage goes. The floating image above him hints at the ghostly presence of his childhood that also appears in the story. It was good fun to work on such a classic Dredd Universe villain in a different way and we’ve had discussions since of where we would take the character if we carried on from where the tale ends.”

So there we have it folks - I really don't want to say more as I would hate to spoil this essential story! Thanks to Nick for sending this... and another amazing image which you should see in just a few days time...

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  1. lovely, will you be doing ZARJAZ's Mark Harrison's cover?
    It is wonderfull