Monday 25 November 2013

INJ Culbard - Points of View.

Here's another dazzling cover by the inimmitable Ian Culbard. It's a tense scene Brass Sun which highlights the fantastic creativity on show in the series. I'm loving the perspective thing Ian's go going on, I'm a sucker for themed covers! Over to Ian to tell us more...

"The initial brief was simply a picture of the Red Wench for the cover. So I produced a couple of shots of it. One as it rises up out of the clouds..."  

Initial art for Dolly Parton's abandoned Prog Rock concept album

"And the other as it's flying towards us..."

Twin engines of destruction

"However, Tharg also wanted to feature the characters and once again, other than almost replicating a panel from the strip itself or doing something that felt like a panel from the comic. I decided to repeat the POV formula of the previous cover where we saw things from Ramkin's POV only this time we'd see it from Sept's POV.

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with z..." Worst game of I spy ever.

"Could this become a theme for Brass Sun covers? I don't know. Never say never!

I for one hope so, I adored Clint Langley's ABC Warriors series of covers and Simon Davis' Ampney series' have been brilliant. Go for it Mr Culbard, POV's all the way!

Ah yes, a big fireball next to highly flammable balloons! What could possibly go wrong?

Here's Ian's previous cover for those with thrill-addled memories...

It was a one eyed, no horned, scything, purple people beater!

And here's how the design team put it together, splendid!

Put your hands in the ay-er, and wave 'em like you just don't cay-er!

Twin Zeppelin sized thanks to Ian for sending the images for this visual treat! Check out his blog here!

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