Sunday 10 November 2013

Clint Langley - Dinosty!

Big head? Check! Buckets of gore? Check! Scary dinosaur? Check! It must be Gorehead then!

Clint Langley goes back to his Dinosty roots to bring us this fearsome, blood drenched Flesh cover. Older readers will remember Dinosty, a biting satire which not-so-subtly depicted a royal family as a bunch of out of touch dinosaurs and gave Clint his break in 2000AD.    


Among the images Clint kindly sent for the cover, was this stunner... 

Hot saurs.

He said "I've sent a work in progress that was dropped as it was too similar to Paul Marshall's cover of Prog 1784." Such a shame as it's a fantastic piece of work. Below is a reminder of Paul's red hot cover.

Oooooh, this Rex is on fire!

With a change of direction needed, Clint produced these terrifying inks...


And here's the fully rendered version that made the cover...

"I said HELLO!" 

But wait, Clint also sent this version! He said "I've included an updated version I did but unfortunately too late to make the printing." Man, it sounds like this cover was plagued with bad luck but thankfully it still turned out to be amazing!

You've got red on you.

Below is the cover as it will appear in your local thrill merchant, I'm sure there'll be some juves desperate to get their hands on that!

Gore blimey!

Satanus-sized thanks to Clint for sending the images for this cursed cover! It seems Clint's misfortune has been to our benefit as we've been absolutely spoilt for rampaging dinosaur images this week! 

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