Sunday 1 September 2013

Nick Percival - Slaine again.

Another fantastic Slaine Anniversary Star Scan in this weeks' prog, courtesy of the brilliant Nick Percival.  Nick says "I wanted to have a go at giving a slightly weary, older look to Slaine with this piece, since the character has obviously gone through so much over many stories. I mentioned to Pat Mills a long time ago, it’d be cool to do either a ‘year one’ Slaine epic or a ‘Dark Knight’ style one where Slaine is ancient – white beard, lost an eye, etc but can still dish out large amounts of damage.  While I never got around to painting that version,  it was cool to create this final piece in celebration of Slaine’s 30th!"

It's a shame we never saw the one eyed warrior (is that a euphemism?) but I'm sure you'll agree that this painting is a stunner. We can look forward to seeing Nick long awaited graphic novel 'The Family' coming soon and he's also hard at work painting a Judge Dredd horror story by Mike Carroll, can't wait!!!  

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