Friday 14 December 2012

KTT and 2000AD Cover of the Year 2012

 What's that name in the middle?

Well, I never in a million years thought I'd be using this post to report that, thanks to the hard work of all the artists featured in this blog, I have been award a prestigious KTT! I am absolutely blown away, this really is a dream come true. So thanks to everyone, the artists, the 2000AD staff who always help when I can't track someone down, The Mighty Tharg and, of course, the fantastic readers for your kind comments and re-tweets. This really has made my Christmas special, it's wonderful to be honoured for doing something that gives me so much joy!


It's time to cast your votes for your favourite covers of the year, and what a year it's been! Before I start, can I again say a gigantic thank you on behalf of all the readers of this blog and all the artists who've supported it over the year. You are wonderful people! Of course, I'd like to say a special thank you to Simon Parr for helping me out when I couldn't track down an artist, he really does give a lot of time to this blog so THANK YOU PYE!

So here we go! Cast your optical sensors on the covers below and vote for your first, second and third choices. Three points will be awarded to your fave, two points for second and one point for third.

PLEASE submit your votes on the 2000AD message board HERE.

The closing date is midnight on Friday January 4th 2013...

If you want to see bigger versions, or indeed know more about any of the covers below, simply follow the link beneath the picture to be taken to the artist's commentary of each.

1764 Karl Richardson - Grey Area.
1765 Steve Yeowell - Nikolai Dante.
1766 Cliff Robinson - Strontium Dog.
1767 Tiernen Trevallion - Absalom.

1768 Ben Willsher - Judge Dredd.
1769 Carlos Ezquerra - Strontium Dog.
1770 Leigh Gallagher - Judge Dredd.
1771a Chris Weston - Character Montage.
1771b Mick McMahon - Tharg the Mighty.
1772 Jon Davis-Hunt - Age of the Wolf.

1773 Neil Roberts - Nikolai Dante.
1774 Mark Harrison - Flesh.
1775 Brendan McCarthy - Zaucer of Zilk.
1776 Chris Weston - Judge Dredd.

1777 Jon Davis Hunt - Age of the Wolf.
1778 Paul Marshall - Nikolai Dante.
1779 James McKay - Flesh.
1780 Edmund Bagwell - Cadet Anderson.

1781 Henry Flint - Dark Judges.
1782 Chris Weston - Cadet Andeson.
1783 Karl Richardson - Judge Dredd.
1784 Paul Marshall - Flesh.
1785 Carlos Eqzuerra - Durham Red.

1786 John Burns - Nikolai Dante.
1787 Jon Davis-Hunt - Judge Dredd.
1788 Karl Richardson - Grey Area.
1789 Simon Davis - Ichabod Azrael.

1790 Carlos Ezquerra - Durham Red.
1791 Simon Fraser - Nikolai Dante.
1792 Ben Willsher - Lenny Zero.
1793 Leigh Gallagher - Aquila.

1794 Lee Garbett - Judge Dredd.
1795 Clint Langley - Ichabod Azrael.
1796 Ben Willsher - Lenny Zero.
1797 Leigh Gallagher - Aquila.
1798 Jon Davis-Hunt - 3hrillers.

1799 Simon Parr - Dredd 3D.
1800 Simon Bisley - Judge Dredd.
1801 Clint Langley - ABC Warriors.
1802 Ben Willsher - Judge Dredd.

1803 Clint Langley - ABC Warriors.
1804 Cliff Robinson - Simping Detective.
1805 D'Israeli - Low Life.
1806 Nick Percival - Brass Sun.
1807 Clint Langley - ABC Warriors.

1808 Edmund Bagwell - Judge Dredd.
1809 Tiernen Trevallion - Simping Detective.
1810 Clint Langley - Ro-Busters.
1811 D'Israeli - Low Life.

1812 Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague - Cold Deck
Prog 2013 Edmund Bagwell - Tharg.

Wow, difficult eh? Please remember to vote HERE and the closing date is MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY 4th January 2013.


  1. It's been a great year for covers and a GREAT year for readers of your blog, Pete. I can't believe you've managed to feature every cover this year - a fine effort and a testament to how much artists and readers alike love this stuff. Your KTT is well-deserved! Oh, and Prog 1811 has clearly the best cover in living memory...

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