Saturday 21 April 2012

Edmund Bagwell - West-Psi'd!

The insanely talented Edmund Bagwell, much in the news this week due to a scandalous swipe of his iconic Cradlegrave cover by an unscrupulous film company, has returned to the prog with this awe-inspiring cover. The image is for a new Young Anderson strip by Alan Grant and Steve Yeowell.

Edmund's brief sounds simple, he explains "Tharg wanted a cool shot of Anderson on her Lawmaster." Naturally, the Indigo Prime artist took this idea and added a beautiful, jaw-droppingly intricate vista of Mega-City One.

Below, we see his roughs, with the chosen image looking like a cross between numbers 1 and 3 to my highly trained (GCSE grade D in art) eyeballs...

With the composition decided, below we see Edmund's beautiful pencils for the image. I have to say, I'm absolutely loving his block designs. The architecture is fantastically original but still recognisably Mega-City One. I love the glimpse of the Mega-City congestion on the road too...  

And here's the image inked up and tightened up. It's a good job Edmund colours his own work as I'm sure any colourist would have been extremely intimidated by this job!

And here is the beautiful final image. I love the muted colour palette of the city scape, broken up by splashes of colour form Anderson, the citizens and the Mega-City Traffic. It's an incredible cover which would make for a brilliant poster.

The name Roddy Piper made me chuckle; 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper is a WWE wrestler so I wonder if this block is a nod to the famous Rowdy Yates Block. If anyone can decipher the other block name, I'd be interested to know what it is. (EDIT - Edmund got in touch to say it's none other than Rufus Dayglo Block, of course it is!)

Thank you very, very much to Edmund for sending these beautiful images. It's taken me ages to write this post as I keep stopping and pouring over the images, they're genuinely breathtaking! Please visit Edmund's fantastic blog at

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