Monday 25 October 2010

A double whammy from Simon Davis!

Good Old Tharg has spoiled us recently with not one but two covers from the award winning Simon Davis. Simon is a real heavyweight when it comes to covers for the House of Tharg, currently boasting the third most cover images of any artist (beaten only by masters Cliff Robinson and King Carlos Ezquerra.)

I think the two covers shown illustrate exactly why. His composition is faultless, his characters are incredibly lifelike (well, Simon is an award winning portrait painter after all!) and his painted covers always add an extra touch of class to the prog.

So, above we have Prog 1705 which depicts Dante at Castle Kronstadt with the evil Konstantin Romanov in his sights. An absolutely beautiful and very atmospheric cover. Below we see Dredd battling an insane Ex-Tec Judge Montauk who is attempting to implant a nanobot in Dredd's brain from Prog 1707. Two very contrasting, but no less brilliant covers!

Go to Simon's site to gawp at his amazing portraits. Thanks, as ever, to the very busy Pye for sending the images...

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