Tuesday 27 July 2010

Exclusive - Prog 1700 Preview!

In five short weeks we will hit the magnanamous Prog 1700 and I am honoured and humbled to have received images from the Nerve Centre to share on this blog FIRST! Me!?! I can't believe it!

Let's start with the big news, I am proud to announce there is a logo change. I am honoured to unveil the new logo badge...
Smart eh? Like a mix of the old and the new, surely symbolising the mix of stories in prog at the moment? And here is the new logo itself...

There will be a new design for the Nerve Centre and letters page with new Tharg 'photographs' taken by Henry Flint. Those are shown below...
"Pull my finger!"

"Smell my perfume Earthlet!"

The line up for the Prog sounds amazing too! The stories appearing in Prog 1700 are:

Judge Dredd: Crackdown by John Wagner & Ben Willsher.

Defoe: A Murder of Angels by Pat Mills & Leigh Gallagher.

Low-Life: Hostile Takeover by Rob Williams & D'Israeli.

Nikolai Dante: City of the Damned by Robbie Morrison & Simon Fraser.

And finally a new thrill!!! Age of the Wolf by Alec Worley & Jon Davis-Hunt.

Finally, here is the zarjaz cover by Jon Davis-Hunt. Tharg himself mixes the ingredients to make pure Thrill Power for the prog. But hold on... if you look at Tharg's readout... is that a famillar name??? Grud on a Greenie, I'm on top of the world, Ma!
Thank you SO MUCH to the Mighty One and especially to Simon Parr for allowing me to break the news. I am genuinely humbled and have to say this has been one of the best days of my life.

Secondly, my heartfelt thanks to Jon Davis-Hunt for sneaking my name on the cover. I am on cloud 99! "Thank you!" times a hundred million!

All hail the Mighty One!

EDIT - There's more!!! Here are the new Input and Letters pages too! Thrill power overload!


  1. Holy crap this is good, I have to say that John Davis Hunt is fast maturing into one of the best art droids around. Monumental cover.

  2. Bloody hell! That looks incredible!

  3. Well done Pete, when are you going to have your own Droid name and get yourself into Droid Life!

  4. You fool! That's a mocked up letters page - Tharg wouldn't do that to me. The clue is that hack Commando Forces waxing on about the forth coming Hell Trek. Bit disappointed that one of mine isn't the standard letters page template - sniff!

    Can't make out your name Pete - looks like 'Pete Smells' - I didn't want to say anything but now it's out there - pheugh!

  5. The badge is marginally better, but it's still a fudge. Just pick one logo and run with it, rather than friggin' jamming two together. It's like they have no confidence in the new logo, so have to keep a MacManus-era one around as well, to appease the old farts.

    And I love Flint, but no one's topped Kev Walker's Tharg yet.

  6. Thats a bloody great cover. JDH is coming on in leaps and bounds. So much better than the recent Stront cover.

  7. Awesome stuff, Pete - congrats on the scoop! As for the new look Input page, nice to see my Letter of the Week getting another outing... Expecting my second GN from Green Bonce any minute now - hah!

  8. The Prog 1700 preview for had a moment had be hoping that they'd be going back to just the 'badge' as the logo without the totally redundant type next to it, but apparently not...

    Why we need 2000AD on the logo twice escapes me, the 'badge' is enough by itself.

    Also it's full circle for the badge now as it ends up almost back as when it first appeared! Some designs are just timeless - it'll be saying featuring Judge Dredd under it again next! ;) (well it does have that extra little bar ready and waiting!!)

  9. Very cool stuff and totally agree on Mr Hunts cover... stunning stuff.
    I've been lucky enough to check out the artwork for the first part of that Age of the Wolf stuff and it's all kinds of tasty.