Wednesday 21 July 2010

Jon Davis-Hunt - Feral!

So here we have the fantastic cover for Prog 1694 by the supremely talented Jon Davis-Hunt. This action packed image features Strontium Dog Middenface McNulty and tenacious journalist Precious Matson quite literally dragging Feral's fat from the fire in the mind boggling tale 'The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha.'

It transpires that Feral's version of events as recounted in the controversial 'Final Solution' epic was false; Johnny's body was not destroyed when he was killed by the Lyran beast and Feral actually brought it back through the dimension portal. So where's Johnny now? What really happened in that other dimension? Why did Feral lie? Like all of us, McNulty and Matson want answers so have to travel to an alien prison on the planet Garn to bust the duplicitous Feral out.

This scene shows our heroes escaping the no nonesense Garn forces who plan to sacrifice Feral to ensure a plentiful harvest and the continuing good health of their leader. The Garn have fattened Feral up to ensure he burns better, hence a more rotund Feral than you may remember!

Below we have Jon's loose sketch...

And his impeccable inks, wow...Next flat colours are added... And behold, the zarjaz final image. Wow!
Coming soon to 2000AD, Jon has the strip called 'Age of the Wolf' however he's keeping his cards very close to his chest as to what it's about! Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll see some stunning covers for it here!

Thanks yet again to Jon for being so generous, please be sure to give his new and improved website a visit at

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