Tuesday 22 September 2009

Prog 1654 - Lady and the Vamp!

Paul Marshall has provided this fantastically stlyish cover to this week's 2000AD prog, featuring Lulu's battle with the Vampiric leader of the Family Selene! Marshall is somewhat of a veteran artist in 2000AD having provided us with thrill power for over 20 years! After cutting his teeth on the obligatory Future Shocks and Dredds, Paul beautifully illustrated Firekind, one of 2000AD's most beloved strips.

Mashall continues to wow us today with his scrotnig artwork, recently filling Simon Fraser and John Burn's (very big) boots by providing the beautiful (and at times, completely depraved!) artwork for latest Dante arc! Congrats to Paul for an amazing job!

Speaking of Dante, co-creator and all round genius Si Fraser sent me the covers I was missing from my Dante collection! Below we have the cover for Prog 1511 which marked the start of 'The Sword of the Tsar' arc, which saw Dante taking the role of executioner for his greatest enemy, Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror!

Next we have inks and colours for the final part of the story as Dante comes to the Tsar's rescue as he is attacked by an agent of the inter-dimensional White Army!

And finally the roughs and colours for Prog 1629, showcasing the opening episode of 'An Army of Thieves and Whores' which, we assume, sees the beginning of Dante's final push against the Tsar. This superb cover features many of Dante's supporting cast including my favourite characters, Flintlock and Spatchcock!

As ever, mega thanks to Pye and Si for these images!

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